How To Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time

The laptop fan is very important for the computer’s health, and its running also plays a vital role in the health of the laptop computer. However, when a laptop computer fan running all the time, it often signifies that there’s an issue together with your laptop. At this time, we’ll study why might laptop computer fans run all the time and how you can fix that.

Because certainly that problem must be fixed immediately! Usually, a laptop computer’s fan that’s working all the time signifies a temperature-related problem inside your system, and overheating can kill your laptop computer.

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So let’s take this step-by-step, learn what would possibly cause a laptop computer fan to run all the time and what can we do to cease it from doing so! 

How To Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time

Laptop computer fan all the time running – what causes it

Your laptop computer will begin spinning faster or for longer intervals when it needs to cool down the main component inside.

These are often the processor that tends to be hot and the GPU (graphics card) if your laptop computer has a devoted one. So an overloaded processor or GPU is the leading cause of why your laptop computer fan is running.

When you might be using your laptop computer, you are putting the processor to work. The extra intensive the task you’re doing in the meanwhile, the extra your processor will heat up. Because of this, the fan might activate and run louder.

The same factor can occur once you’re gaming, for example, as this is, without doubt, one of the most resource-intensive actions you’ll be able to perform on a laptop computer.

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Usually, the workload of a processor is between one to 14%. When it gets above 10%, this will result in excessive overheating, making the fans run at a higher speed to attempt to maintain the temperature under control.

It might be Home windows updates, multitasking and having many running computer applications, or performing extra power-intensive activities.

BUT the factor is that finally, the fan will cease when your parts probably cooled down to a specific temperature. But what does it do if that doesn’t occur?

Easy Methods How To Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time?

Now that we all know what causes a laptop computer fan to start running, it’s time to see what will perform to fix one that doesn’t stop.

Please take into consideration that most often, hearing your laptop computer’s fan shouldn’t be an issue: it’s often spinning consistently when you’re using your laptop computer. But when this can be very loud and struggling, this might indicate an issue that you just ought to fix.

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Clean your laptop computer: Dust is, without doubt, one of the significant elements that may cause a laptop computer to overheat, and due to this fact to keep the fan going.

It would help if you always cleaned your laptop internally to ensure that no dust build-up may harm.

The mud could cause more than merely overheating issues – it could even cause your laptop to short circuit, so it’s not a joke seriously!

Test your processor’s utilization

Understanding what applications or tasks are using your processor to the utmost helps you stop your fan from running all the time. In this manner, you’ll be able to cease these apps or tasks or use them sparingly.

To see what applications utilize your processor probably the most, press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys on your keyboard and select “Task Manager”. It is going to look one thing like this:

How To Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time

The primary view (above) shows you, at a look, what’s your current processor workload (under the CPU column). You may click on the CPU heading to see which apps or tasks are consuming probably the most.
If these aren’t necessary Windows providers, you possibly can merely right-click on it and choose “End task.”

How To Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time


If it’s not attainable to finish a task since you are utilizing it, try to do both of the two issues (or each, if possible):

  1. Reduce the utilization of several tasks. Such as, close tabs in your web browser and only have most of 2-3 active.
  2. Use the tasks alternately. In case you are modifying a photograph, shut down your web browser when doing this. Once you’re completed, shut down the photograph editing software program and launch the browser window once more.

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Additionally, it strongly recommended deleting any applications running within the background, consuming CPU, and are usually not needed. We generally find ourselves installing numerous applications we do not need – however they continue to consuming up resources.

It would help if you avoided multitasking on your laptop computer. If that’s not the case, use applications one after the other and keep your Web browser tabs to a minimum.

Adjust the Power Settings

Setting up a suitable power plant for your laptop computer to run on based mostly on your usage is extraordinarily essential relating to preventing the fan from running all the time.

With a purpose to set your power settings, first type “power settings” in your Home windows taskbar and choose the result “power & sleep settings”. It will take you to a new window, the place you’ll be able to handle your laptop computer’s power plans.

Scroll down and click “additional power settings”:

How To Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time


Within the new window, click on “Change plan settings” next to your chosen plan after which “change advanced power settings”:

How To Stop Laptop Fan


It lets you manage the power utilization of all of your laptop computer’s components and determine how a lot of energy must be saved in each setting.

One of the crucial essential settings there’s under Processor Power Management – System Cooling Policy:

Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time

Turning the choices to “Passive” from “Active” will stop your fan from running all the time. Keep in mind that doing it will lead to your laptop computer slowing down your processor as an alternative to turning the fan on. In some circumstances, this might result in sluggishness when utilizing your laptop computer.

In case you are not tech-savvy and don’t know what to do, select a Balanced setting with all of the defaults turned on.

Alternately, you may swap to a Power Saving mode – however that may result in a lowered efficiency out of your laptop computer.

Clear your laptop computer’s air vents

Now it’s time to attempt one thing rather less technical, however extremely needed: cleansing the air vents of your laptop computer.

If these are blocked, then excessive heat will accumulate inside because the air gained’t circulation as it’s intended to, leading to your fans running all the time.

Luckily, that is one thing straightforward to do: turn off your laptop computer and unplug it first.

Further, use a portable vacuum cleaner (which has lower power than a regular one – you don’t need it to suck in any parts!) and clear the air vents correctly. It is best to do that a minimum of once a month.

Use the vacuum cleaner correctly on all air vents of your gadget. Typically, these vents located on the underside of your laptop computer; however, some models even have them on the top or to the edges – be sure you clear all of them!

Help your laptop computer cool down!

As we discovered already, most laptops have their fans and vents on the bottom. It means on sure supplies, and it will be a bit tougher for them to cool down, leading to fans that run all the time.

A simple technique to fix this could be to put one thing on the back end of your laptop computer, to raise it a bit from the desk or no matter the surface it’s standing on.

Or, even better, select a cooling pad that’s designed particularly to preserving your laptop computer cool (and due to this fact, it’ll cease your fan from running at all times).

Use external software

There are many applications that you would be able to download online – most of them free of charge, which let you control your fans’ behaviour. If not one of the solutions listed above helped you, you must attempt these.

SpeedFan’s software has been around for the most extended and is taken into account extraordinarily safe.

It is a program that you would be able to download at no cost. It might be read the temperatures of your parts and subsequently control the speed of the fan. This usually leads to decreased noise.

However, if it’s any of the previously talked about inflicting your fan to run at all times, it’s greatest to fix them as an alternative of utilizing software programs to help.

Wrapping up

Now we have lined above all of the potential problems and issues. That might be inflicting a laptop computer fan to run at all times. Further, you know tips on how to fix them.

Even though a few of these fixes, seem harsh and can take a little bit of your time, you must go through each one in all of them till your problem solved.

A fan running at all times may point out some critical overheating problems, which might trigger your laptop computer to malfunction or break down faster – even when it’s one of many laptops with the longest lifespan.

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