How To Make Your Old GPU Run Like New

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How To Make Your Old GPU Run Like New is always a hot topic in the PC world.  As we know that the GPU is the soul of the CPU, which may make picture rendering and buffer quicker. In contrast to what most individuals assume, it isn’t simply appropriate for gaming applications but for numerous business applications that want 30 graphics. If you have already got a GPU in your machine, you may need to see that their efficiency slows down over some time. The answer is not to purchase a brand new GPU. As it’s, a lot of the newest GPU’s are fairly pricey. That’s why it doesn’t make sense for the common consumer to go for a brand new GPU.

However, a couple of methods could make your old GPU run like new You possibly can undertake these measures to deliver the speed again to regular.

First of all, before we get into the solutions, we will study the issues that can hinder GPU performance:

What Causes GPU Performance Issues?

So what might be stopping your GPU from reaching its most potential? Well, various issues will hinder GPU performance; however, we’ve narrowed it all the way down to the top 4 culprits; Thermal ThrottlingOutdated DriversDust and Hardware Bottlenecks.

Thermal Throttling: How To Make Your Old GPU Run Like New

  • When your GPU overheats, the graphics playing cards speed decreased to keep inside protected limits. Each card had a singular thermal throttling vary, and once that reached, you’ll lose performance. It’s necessary to maintain your card excellent and funky to stop. 

Outdated Drivers: How To Make Your Old GPU Run Like New

  • Outdated drivers might be the reason for main efficiency issues; however, it also the best answer to extend efficiency. Manufacturers are constantly updating their drivers, and it’s necessary to maintain up with the newest version of your graphics card driver. It will also repair random bugs and glitches in particular video games.


  • The dust is also called a silent killer! The Dust collects with the passage of time and hinders the performance of your GPU. It would also stress out the transferring elements by making it work twice as arduous to spin the fans and hold the GPU cool. It additionally reduces the general life expectancy.

Hardware Bottleneck:

  • Your parts all work collectively to deliver the very best gaming experience potential. If your CPU cannot sustain itself together with your graphics card, the general efficiency will probably be hindered. It’s necessary to pick out components that have related efficiency capabilities intending to maximize body charges.

We are going to, as we speak, help you understand methods that how to make your old GPU run like new.

Application-Specific Optimization

The first task that it’s best to do is to customise the application settings so that you could squeeze the most efficiency out of your GPU. It’ll let you enjoy the game or run the software program with no lag.  In a lot of the games, presets for graphics like low, medium, high. You can change over to the low setting, which can be certain that the GPU can deal with the load of the game. It’s a practical measure that can allow you to save money and time.

In many instances, the game structure is that when you’re not utilizing a specific GPU, the anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion can hit the GPU of one other firm a lot tougher. It should slow down the complete game. Once you decrease the graphics settings or the frame rate, it’s straightforward to play the game with no lag. Such small tweaks may help you enhance the game’s efficiency by as a lot as 15%.

Optimizing the application in line with the GPU is the only solution to make your GPU run effectively. It should also let you run the application without any error.

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Changing Driver Settings

Normally we never care about the GPU drivers. We replace drivers from time to time and hope to have suitable drivers on our machine. The reality is that there are just a few driver settings that may help you squeeze more efficiency out of your GPU. We are going to share with you such a trick.

For Nvidia CPUs

How To Make Your Old GPU Run Like New

The driving force settings in Nvidia GPU‘s will let you change the texture filter settings. It is best to change it to an Excessive-Efficiency choice rather than °High quality°. It is best to change Anisotropic Texture Filtering to off.


AMD CPUs give you the “Texture Filtering High quality” choice. The Normal setting is chosen; it’s a must to change it to “Excessive”.

Once you comply with these couple of steps, it’s straightforward to get more out of your GPU. However, it won’t improve the capability considerably but will distinguish a few percentage factors. When your GPU begins to decelerate a bit, these tweaks can enhance its efficiency once more.

Using Patches

Many video games have online communities that launch mods to make the game simpler to run. All it’s good to do is be part of the online community and obtain the mod. When you accomplish that, pasting it into the game folder is fairly simple. The mod will tweak the settings of the game in such a means that your GPU can deal with it extra effectively. It should let you make the most of the GPU sources dedicatedly for the game, which can aid you to get larger efficiency from the GPU. There are numerous video games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim whose patches can be found online. These patches can rapidly enhance the efficiency of your GPU and aid you benefit from the game to the fullest.

Overclocking The GPU

Overclocking The GPU

The tip which we’re highlighting now’s appropriate just for desktop users. Overclocking can rapidly enhance the efficiency of your GPU by 10%. The exact efficiency enhancement will rely on the GPU which you’re utilizing. A lot also depends upon the clock stage at which your GPU is at present. The best solution to overclock your GPU is to make use of software like MSI Afterburner.

It’s important to guarantee that you’re not stepping up your entire 10% clock in a single go; it’s a good suggestion to move forward in stages. You shouldn’t improve the GPU clock by greater than 5% at a time. Additionally, in the beginning, it isn’t a good suggestion to regulate the GPU voltage. It’s important to follow the GPU clock. Additionally, you shouldn’t click on the Automated Apply Settings button till you might have manually verified each setting.

With every tweak, you would have to reboot your system or freeze when you apply the setting. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to go through this course once you wish to squeeze each little bit of efficiency out of your old GPU. If you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll have to undergo trial and error to determine the suitable settings. Additionally, there is no such thing as an assurance that each game will run effectively at a specific clock stage. That’s the reason you may have to create completely different profiles and change over to a different profile simply earlier than starting a game. It will permit you to run the GPU most effectively for that game.

We requested you to keep away from playing with the GPU voltage because it may simply harm your card. If you’re overclocking it without increasing the voltage, it is improbable that the card will get damaged. It’s important to guarantee that the step-ups should not greater than 5%. Lots of the UP US, which had been launched before 5 to 7 years, can deal with overclocking of 5% to 10%. That’s the reason it’s higher to move ahead in steps.

Relying on the efficiency enhancement you need, you may either use one of many methods described above or use all of them cumulatively. Whereas it might not aid you in double the efficiency of your old GPU, it may actually improve its functionality. A 7% achievement from overclocking and a 7% achievement by adjusting the game settings may help you run the game 14% higher A game that’s choking in your machine can run in a significantly better way if the performance of your GPU is enhanced by 14%. Whereas these positive aspects might sound small, however, most of them can resolve your drawback. Let’s say earlier you’re struggling to achieve a body rate of 28 FPS. With a 14% achievement, your frame fee will now be about 31 FPS.

So, if you are attempting to decipher methods to make your outdated GPU run like new, these are the 4 concepts that you should use these four concepts. All of these may help you squeeze just a little extra efficiency from your GPU, which might cumulatively make your GPU perform significantly better. It’s time to make the most of your current GPU to the utmost rather than purchase a brand new GPU card that can price you a significant amount of money.

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