How To Keep Your Computer Awake Without Touching The Mouse?

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No one likes to touch the mouse. Touching it is just so…dirty and unhygienic, right? But what if your computer goes into sleep mode while you’re in the middle of something important? What if you get distracted by a phone call or a text message and forget to wake up your computer again? This article will show you different ways that’ll keep your computer awake without touching the mouse!

11 Ways To Keep Your Computer Awake Without Touching The Mouse

How To Keep Your Computer Awake Without Touching The Mouse?

Ensure you have a good internet connection:

If you’re working on something and need access, don’t forget to get online or connect with someone who can help remotely. It is especially important if it’s coming up to deadline time for a project because this way, one of us will be able to work on our laptop even if we’re not around. That being said, sometimes connectivity issues happen at an inconvenient moment – in which case, try these other ideas below.

Keep Your Computer Awake With The Windows Task Manager:

If you’re not near your laptop but have access to it via remote connection or know someone who can get on for you, this option will work well.

Open up the task manager (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and find “Background tasks,” then right-click any background processes which are in progress and choose ‘End.’ This should allow your laptop to be active until its battery dies or the power runs out – whichever comes first.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Stay Active When Away From Your Computer:

There are a few nifty keyboard shortcuts that will keep your computer awake without any mouse intervention. The first is Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Windows Key + Alt + Delete) which should shut down the screen saver and put the monitor back into full power mode while still not requiring you to touch anything. You can also use this shortcut if, for some reason, Windows has crashed or frozen up while in normal viewing mode – it’ll just bring everything back to life, no problem whatsoever!

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Switch To A Different Browser For When You’re Away:

If Google Chrome isn’t working out as an option, then try switching browsers instead. It could help since different browsers have their way of keeping active on their own accord – with Safari and Firefox, you’ll be able to do this without a problem.

Change Your Screen Saver Options:

If your computer is running but disconnected from the internet for whatever reason, then change up your screen saver options with no mouse needed! This way, it should stay awake as long as possible before eventually going into the power-saving mode or sleep mode somewhere down the line – unless, of course, if there’s someone at home who feels like they need some peace and quiet themselves.

Check Out The Battery Settings On Windows Device Manager:

You can also keep your laptop on through battery by tweaking its settings in the device manager under “batteries.” From here, you choose whether or not your laptop stays on when plugged in and charging (which is the default) or when plugged in only. This way, you’ll never have to worry about your laptop’s power running out on you at an inconvenient moment and leave you with no option but to lose all of your work!

Download Battery Life Saver Apps For Android Phone:

There are also smartphone apps that can help extend battery life, so if all else fails, try one of these too! The “Battery Optimizer” application by APPSPY will allow you to adjust settings based on how many hours are left until a full charge – meaning it should stay awake long enough before going back into hibernation mode automatically.

Change Your Laptop Settings Depending On Why You’re Away From It:

If the reason you’re away from your laptop is that you need to charge it, then use power-saving mode. After a few minutes of inactivity, this should automatically turn off the display and put all other settings on standby – just what you might be looking for!

Use The Windows Surface Pen As A Mouse:

If there’s no mouse around, but you still have access to an internet connection via mobile device or remote computer, then this is a valid option as well. Install OneNote on your phone and make sure that its “pen mode” has been enabled, which will allow you to draw with accuracy as a mouse cursor would otherwise do.

Try Switching To Safe Mode For When You Need It To Stay Alive:

Sometimes when trying everything else, it’s best to go with the old standby – safe mode! It will allow you to keep your laptop alive for as long as possible without shutting it down.

Install The “Stay Alive” App To Keep Your Computer Active:

If none of these tricks work and you’re still struggling with making a computer stay active, then install an app that can help out in this regard called Stay Alive. This program automatically forces any windows on the screen into full focus, meaning they’ll never be covered up by another window or put back into hibernation mode accidentally.

How To Keep Your Computer Awake Without Touching The Mouse With Some Software

Mouse Jiggler is a small Windows program that simulates mouse movements. It can reduce eye strain when working for long periods on the computer or as an easy way to interact with a system via console commands without using any physical input device other than your keyboard (e.g., if you have no joystick plugged in). The extracted executable will take up about 20-30MB of free hard drive space per run and require around 30 seconds of CPU time per minute being stimulated by it.

  • What are some benefits?

Some benefits include reducing eye strain from staring at the screen too much, easing RSI pain caused by repetitive tasks like copying/pasting large amounts of text, and helping people who have physical limitations interact with a computer.

  • How does it work?

Mouse Jiggler simulates mouse movements by moving the cursor in small circles without input from any other device (e.g., keyboard, mouse, joystick). It works on all operating systems that support Windows GUI and doesn’t require administrator privileges or additional software like drivers. All that’s needed for operation is an XNA Framework Redistributable Package installed on your system. The program also has a built-in help file that can access through the Options menu if you need assistance configuring it for use with different types of mice–the default setting should work fine for most people without altering anything, though!

If you want to avoid accidentally putting your computer in standby mode or a screen saver, then you could install this nifty tool.

  • What are the benefits?

Any business owner needs to know how their computers can help them and ways they may potentially get messed up when left unattended without proper caretaking, such as installing this handy little app that will keep tabs on things even.

  • How does it work?

It ensures that the F15 key is pressed every 59 seconds, so it doesn’t go into sleep while allowing other keys on your keyboard to work as usual. This means if anything changes because of pressing the F1 button and Shift at once (which would be a rare occurrence), you’ll have an easy time undoing what was done with just one more push of a button!

Auto Mouse Mover

The Auto Mouse Mover tool allows for automatic movement of the cursor by using a set of hotkeys and predefined paths, patterns, or actions.

It’s an easy-to-use mouse automation software that can automate numerous user actions in the PC environment (including drawing, filling, playing SWF animations, scrolling, etc.). It has various built-in commands like draw line, fill rectangle, etc., allowing the users to create their custom commands. The Auto Mouse Mover tool is very simple yet powerful and works on any Windows platform with IE 4+.


One of the most annoying things about computers is that they automatically shut off. Noise, a lightweight tool from developer Mehdi Benkhalfa, prevents your computer from going to sleep by simulating random key hits every 10 seconds. It hops around randomly onscreen and makes you want to use it as an alarm clock because it’s so loud! If you’re looking for something simpler than Caffeine or F.Lux, then this might be what you need – remember not to hit any keys while using this app (or else).


One of the easiest ways to keep your computer awake without touching the mouse is using third-party tools. These are available for both Windows and Mac, so you have plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for an easy way out. The best part about these programs is that they work in various scenarios, including when playing video games or watching movies on YouTube. If you don’t want to use any software, there’s also always the option to leave it running with no activity at all. Your screen will go dark after 10 minutes (a little more than 2 hours) while still being active on standby mode, which uses less power than fully powering down your system every time it goes idle. 

I hope these tips help keep your brain awake long enough so that it doesn’t have any more trouble trying to stay on top of things!

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