How To Charge Laptop Battery Without Laptop

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Most people have a laptop, and it is one of the most valuable devices for work or school. However, sometimes your battery can die on you, and there’s no charger in sight. In that case, it’s not as simple as just going to a store and buying a new battery – but there are some other options.

In this article, we’re going to go over best methods for how to charge your laptop battery without laptop 

Use Your Car (12v)

Your car has a 12-volt socket, which can be used to charge your laptop. It’s pretty simple – all you need is the right cord for your device. Then, plug it into the socket and wait for about an hour for it to fully charge.

Use Your Laptop When Connected To The Mains

One thing to note about charging your laptop with electricity is that it doesn’t matter if the computer itself has NO battery. As long as it’s connected to the mains, why not use that energy? So, plug your device into an outlet and let it charge for about half an hour.

Use Your Phone (5v)

Like the iPhone 5 series can be used to charge laptops because of their 5-volt socket. The same stipulations apply; however, you need the right cord for your device to make this work. Plug one end into the phone’s socket and plug the other end into your laptop’s socket.

Use Another Laptop

The last time I checked, nothing was stopping another laptop from being plugged into an outlet or power source – so why not just use that to charge yours? Again, look for a suitable cord for your laptop and then connect it to another outlet. It might take a bit longer than usual, but it works.

Use The Same Adapter You Used For Your Laptop

If you’ve ever used your laptop’s charger before, there’s a good chance that it was for your phone. Many adapters can be used for both devices. So why not just use the one you already have and save yourself an extra purchase? Just plug in your phone to the adapter and then let it charge until fully recharged. Of course, this only works if the battery is small enough to fit into another device.

Charge Via Other Power Sources (20v/10v/9v)

There are also other power sources such as batteries or DC converters that you might be able to use. But I’m not exactly sure what you plug them. So, this is more of an idea than a method.

Free Energy From Light Bulbs

A lot of light bulbs have a little bit of energy left after they’re turned off – and that’s just wasted energy! So, why not put it to good use? To start charging your laptop from the excess energy in a light bulb, smash it up real good and then plug one end into your device and the other into the nearest outlet. Make sure there aren’t any broken glass pieces or anything else which could result in additional damage. You can also do this with flashlight batteries if you happen to have those lying around instead – but it probably won’t be as effective.

Use The Cloud

Depending on the strength of your Internet connection, you can connect to it via Wi-Fi or even dial-up. Just plug one end of the cord into your laptop and the other into your router – if this setup is possible in your area. Your laptop should begin charging directly from your online account.

Use A Cell Phone Tower

As unlikely as it may sound, cell phone towers have a lot of power stored inside them. While their energy isn’t quite enough to fully recharge an entire battery, it’s more than enough to charge a smaller device like a phone or MP3 player. Just look for any antenna within range and then take another wire with you; one end plugs into the antenna, and the other goes into your device. It’s probably best to do this on the top of a building, as you’re more likely to have an unobstructed line-of-sight with the antenna, thus making it easier for electricity to be transferred from one point to another.

Charge Via A Wall Socket (120v)

Of course, this method might take a bit longer, but it doesn’t require any special equipment or parts – take your device to any wall socket and then plug in the adapter. It works just like it would with a laptop, but since cell phones, MP3 players, flashlights – even game boys! – use smaller batteries than laptops do; it’s best to start charging these devices at night while you’re sleeping (or turned off).

Charge Via The Sun (10v-6.2kwh)

Yes, I know what you’re thinking; this is impossible…but there are ways to charge electrical devices using nothing except solar energy! To do this, however, you’ll need special equipment (a special satellite dish that focuses light onto your battery pack), but if you can get that set up working, then you can completely charge your device in about an hour! There’s also another way to do this; if you take plastic wrap and cover all of your devices (including your cell phone), it’ll absorb light energy. Here, the light breaks down the plastic molecules – resulting in chemical reactions within the battery itself. It might not be much, but every little bit helps!

Charge Via A Radio Tower (30v)

If you’re practically anywhere near a radio tower, and then attach one end to the tower and the other to your device. Repeat this process as many times as you can – be, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t just use that for power instead of making it sit around doing nothing at all. Just find one that isn’t too far away, figure out which wires are attached to what part of the tower, and then plug your wire into the corresponding one(s). Easy as can be. If you’re not sure how to do this, you’ll probably need to do some research on it beforehand. Of course, finding out what wire connects to where can be difficult without proper tools, but if you’re desperate enough, then anything can be done.

Using A Similar Laptop To Charge The Battery

The easiest way is to find a laptop like yours and charge it by inserting your laptop’s battery into it. However, this is not a very good way to travel, so you will not be able to find another laptop.

External Battery Charger

How To Charge Laptop Battery Without Laptop

It is a highly effective solution to charge a laptop computer without making use of its charger. You needn’t plug it into the laptop computer.

  1. First of all, remove the laptop computer battery from it.
  2. Next to connect to an exterior charger.
  3. Then connect the battery charger to {the electrical} outlet.
  4. When the battery is totally charged, remove the charger.
  5. Now again insert the battery into your laptop computer and test it out.

How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Charger Using an iPhone?

Everybody has a mobile phone these days and it is a personal thing that we always keep with us. But few people know that with this iPhone we can also charge our laptop.

  • Let plug the wire of your iPhone in the USB port of your laptop computer
  • Now there will be shown a pop-up message on the screen to select an option.
  • So, select the option ‘supply power to the connected device.’
  • Now your laptop computer will begin charging.
  • Though the cellphone won’t provide a lot of power, will probably be sufficient to charge the laptop computer in essential conditions.

Power Bank or Universal Power Adapter

The power bank is also a great way to charge a laptop battery. At this very low price, you get discounts from the market. The power bank has to charge you first. Then you plugged it into the charger port of your laptop, and it will charge.

Super Laptop computer Batteries

They give you around 7 hours of backup of power. whereas your original laptop computer battery is charging on the exterior charger, you should use these super laptop computer batteries.

Charging A Battery Externally

Some removable laptop batteries include the flexibility to hook up with an external laptop computer battery charger.

Earlier than you determine to charge your laptop computer battery without having it connected to the laptop computer, you must make sure that it might interface with such adapters. You would need to make sure that the pins are compatible.

Laptop battery manufacturers design batteries in a different way, and so they may or may not be capable of charge externally with such adapters.

This technique only works with laptop computer batteries which might be DETACHABLE. Internal laptop computer batteries work in a distinct method. They don’t have exterior chargers for them available in the market.

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Can you charge a laptop battery through USB?

Technically, you can charge a laptop battery with USB but not without some trouble. There are quite a few caveats here, which make this sum up to something less than practical.

For the most practical use of your laptop, while charging over USB, it’s best to turn it off or hibernate it for use later when charged. Laptops are designed to only get enough power through specific ports for quick maintenance purposes – even if they’re on. Active laptops pull too much power through an underpowered USB port to maintain the current session and charge at full speed. You’ll notice that almost all laptops come with dual chargers these days – one of them being an AC adaptor while the other being part of the laptop itself. They do this so that the laptop can receive a full charge from AC, even while it’s still using power. If you look closely at the port for charging on your laptop, you’ll find that it has a specific size connector – usually rectangular and more significant than USB.

How can I charge my laptop battery?

Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. The battery will soon begin to charge.

It’s essential to fully plug in your laptop when you’re trying to juice up your battery. When your laptop is plugged in, it runs on AC (from an outlet or surge protector). That means that the voltage coming from the adapter running through the cords and into your laptop is constant (usually about 110V), which ensures that all its parts maintain consistent performance levels even if some components are using more power than others at any one moment. This way, you can do tasks like watching videos or gaming without risking sudden shutdowns due to high power consumption by various subsystems within your computer.

While your laptop is plugged in, the battery charges, the power adapter takes AC from an outlet or surge protector and converts it to DC, which powers the laptop. At the same time, the battery begins to absorb this converted energy by giving off a DC of its own. You can often tell when your battery is charging because a small light on your laptop’s frame near the plug symbol will begin to glow red or amber while it’s plugged in. The light usually stops glowing once your battery has reached full charge. But if you’re using an older laptop model that doesn’t have a built-in indicator for this purpose, you can download tools like BatteryMon or TLP Lite to see how much life remains in your battery.

When your battery is charging, you can turn on your laptop and use it as usual without worrying about draining the power source. Suppose you unplug the power cord from an outlet or surge protector while using your computer, though. In that case, you’ll notice that it begins to run off of battery power instead of AC–indicated by a warning message near the battery icon in your system tray. However, if you turn off your laptop without unplugging it, the battery will continue to draw power from its outlet or surge protector until it recharges.

Can we charge a laptop with HDMI?

Yes, you can charge a laptop with an HDMI cable. You will need to purchase a special cable with an HDMI port on one end and a USB port. You can then use the USB port to charge your laptop. Most USB ports on laptops specify that they provide 5 volts at 1 amp. It is usually enough power to charge a laptop. You can often leave the laptop plugged in overnight and only partially charged, but doing this every day for several hours will eventually lead to your battery not holding a charge as long as it used to.

As always, we recommend using the wall charger that came with the device, as it is most likely designed with the correct specifications for charging your battery.

Can I charge my Dell laptop with a USB?

Yes, you can. However, the connections provided by most USB ports are not powerful enough to power a laptop.

To charge your laptop with USB (or any other type of power), you’ll need the proper type of adapter for your laptop model. Lucky for you, there are people like us who make these adapters, and they come with instruction manuals that will walk you through how to do it correctly! You can also find tutorials on popular sites like YouTube or wikiHow (make sure they’re up-to-date, though).

If you’re unable to find the necessary information, don’t be discouraged! A phone is a much smaller device than a laptop and can usually be charged with a USB cable, but you’ll have to experiment with charging your laptop.

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